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Use StackMarks Advanced Analytics for Agency to unleash the power of user level analytics in your Meta campaigns

1. Solution Setup

Setup client AA instance

Deep dive into campaign user data


2. Audience Opportunity

Run queries across campaign audiences

Unique user efficiencies unlock ROI


3. Unique KPI

User-level metrics from paid social

Drive higher engagements from deep creative insights

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Measurement Powerhouse

The reality for media agencies is that you’re already in the data science business. CMO’s demand measurement solutions. Meanwhile the industry keeps evolving.

StackMarks is your secret weapon for cookieless insights. We provide advanced analytics as a service to level up campaign user insights. We empower agencies like never before.

Our Advanced Analytics solution allows you to gain first party user level insights across your Meta campaigns and onboard first party customer intelligence from your client data stacks.

If you want to ensure every campaign is running with top marks and optimized for peak performance then StackMarks AA is for you. We help extract the maximum return from your client campaign investments and leave no opportunity behind.


Why choose StackMarks


Opportunity Snapshot

Easy quick start to identify ROI opportunities inside your paid social today


Uniques over Time

Understand the true impact of unique reach & frequency


Cookieless Measurement

Futureproof campaigns with cookieless measurement


Deep Creative Insights

Advanced user level creative and placement analysis


Unique Metrics

Deep dive into data for path to purchase insights


Live Dashboards

Powerful dashboards to analyse user level campaign data

Drive client growth with Meta AA dashboards

Next-level visibility for your Meta campaigns



Designed for Digital Media Agencies

Tailored for agency teams to understand the drivers of Meta campaign performance by unlocking deep insights into unique user behaviors.

Advanced Analytics is a cookieless reporting solution. It’s designed for clients to onboard their first party data and create matched intelligence with advertiser data.

Deep dive into your prospect to customer journey and understand what drives meaningful engagements and performance on Meta so you can build lasting growth for clients.

Our solutions help extract audience overlap between brand and direct response campaigns. Advanced Analytics will give actionable insights from a closed-loop measurement system, so you can improve campaign results and create value for clients. StackMarks is your secret weapon to produce more conversions from your paid social investment.


What our clients say about us

  • Future of Paid Social Reporting

    Adding StackMarks to our agency reporting suite, has saved time, improved performance and sets up our clients for the next generation of cookieless measurement.


    Max Flanigan

    Managing Director of Noble Five

  • Amplifies Paid Social Results

    This collaboration with our in house agency has been hugely beneficial for our business and ensured that we consistently outperform our targets.


    Kylie Hall-Haydon

    Director of Marketing, Wiley Australia


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